Gasometer Berlin Schöneberg

One of the probably most impressive views over the city offers the Gasometer in Berlin-Schöneberg.


Foto: Top10 Berlin
Foto: Top10 Berlin
Foto: Top10 Berlin
Foto: Top10 Berlin
Foto: Top10 Berlin
Foto: Top10 Berlin

The Gasometer in Schöneberg offers one of the few open views over Berlin. The picture that opens up when you climb the gasometer is unique. Because of all the beautiful impressions, you do not even know where to look first. In order to enjoy the unique view from the gasometer, a guided tour is a must. A tour should be reserved in advance by email. The tours only take place in good weather consitions and only in the summer months. The industrial giant, that looks rather lifeless from a distance, is not only a top photo spot but also a great experience when the weather is fine. On the top of the Gasometer you will not only find the skyline of the capital at your feet, the visit is also a special experience that both, Berliners and Berlin visitors, should not miss.

For taking pictures, the scaffolding of the Gasometer with the city in the background offers a very special perspective. Also the unobstructed view over Berlin, without a window or similar obstructions in front of the face, is a rarity. These conditions allow clear photos. In good weather and depending on the time of day, the sky is a natural spectacle with changing colors every second. Tegel Airport is also not far away and you can see the airlines in the sky. This creates a feeling of wanderlust and offers rather unique photo opportunities.

During the entire tour, which takes from around one and a half to two hours, the tour guide tells interesting facts, stories and insider knowledge about Berlin and the Gasometer in Schöneberg. The tour guides can interpret all flight paths and know exactly which plane is flying from and to Frankfurt or Paris. Anyone participating in a gasometer tour should be free from dizziness and reasonably fit, as the gasometer is climbed on foot. A Gasometer tour is a real insider tip. The scenery offers endless possibilities for taking snapshots and unique pictures. But also without photo affinity a Gasometer tour is an absolute highlight.


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Gasometer Berlin Schöneberg

Torgauer Straße 12-15, 10829 Berlin




Business Hours


March to November

Tuesday, Thursday to Saturday

guided tours in the afternoon or early evening

Important information

Public Transport

suburban train station Schöneberg - exit Sachsendamm

Price Level

22,00 Euro per Person, sunset tours 25,00 Euros


Participants of guided tours must be 12 years or older