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Foto: Welt/Axel Springer

Berlin's Weltballon is among the world's biggest helium-filled balloons. The sensation of floating in mid-air is however just an illusion: the balloon is secured to the ground with a strong steel cable. During the rise, the pilot will answer all your questions about the sights of Berlin.

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Watch the sunset by the Landwehrkanal

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Photo: detail from Landwehrkanal

A sunset is a sunrise on the other side of the world. The Landwehrkanal will give you the chance to be the sunrise of someone.

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Gasometer Berlin Schöneberg

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Foto: Top10 Berlin

One of the probably most impressive views over the city offers the Gasometer in Berlin-Schöneberg.

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Belfry of the Olympic Stadium

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Foto: Glockenturm | Olympiastadion Berlin GmbH

The Belfry at the Olympic Stadium was built for the 11th Olympic Games.

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Foto: dpa picture-alliance

The Siegessäule (Victory Column) is one of Berlin's most well-known landmarks. If you want to be close to the gilded statue of Viktoria, Goddess of Victory (affectionately nicknamed "Goldelse" by the locals) you have to be sure your feet will carry you up the spiral staircase.

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Foto: dpa picture-alliance

Grunewald's Teufelsberg is with its 120 m Berlin's highest hill and offers a fabulous view to the other end of the city with the right weather conditions. Additionally, an abandoned listening post adds a spooky element to the place.

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Canteen "Skyline" of the Technical University in the Telefunken Skyscraper

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Foto: TU Pressestelle I Dahl

The cafeteria "Skyline" of the Technical University allows a great view over the roofs of Berlin.

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Foto: Svea Pöstges

Klunkerkranich is an improvised bar on the roof of the shopping centre Neukölln Arcaden with the special charme of Berlin imperfection.

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Prussian National Monument on Kreuzberg

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Foto: dpa picture-alliance

With 66 metres of height, the Kreuzberg in Viktoriapark is the highest natural elevation in Berlin's inner districts.

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