Karaoke Show at the Mauerpark

Mauerpark is situated where once was the strip that separated East and West Berlin, is now a vibrant location in the city not to miss.

This area was already a park before the second world war but was deactivated due to the Berlin wall. The area of the park was taken care of by the citizens just after the wall came down and then the Council started to improve it. The first section was inaugurated in 1994 and the last one in 2004. The park has 15 hectares divided into distinct leisure areas. The informal karaoke started in 2009 and nowadays happens every Sunday. You can come to listen or even sing. It will make you feel one with all the other people watching: from the families with sons to the grandparents and the young guys! And remember…it starts at 3 pm. There is a parallel activity, also well known – The Fleamarket at Mauerpark.

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Business Hours


From 03:00 pm