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Schuhatelier Birgit Oder

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Foto: Schuhatelier Birgit Oder

Schuhatelier Birgit Oder stands for "Made in Berlin" and for special, handmade shoes for very individual demands.

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Foto: Café und Restaurant Milchhäuschen

The rustic café and restaurant Milchhäuschen (milk cottage) is a popular destination on the lake Weißer See where you can drink coffee on the sunny terrace overlooking the lake.

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Strandbad Weißensee

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Foto: dpa

Only 15 minutes away from the heart of the city, you will find Strandbad Weißensee.

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Open Air Stage and Cinema Weißensee

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Foto: dpa picture-alliance

The summer programme in the open-air stage Weißensee offers a mixture of open-air cinema, children's cinema and puppet theatre.

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Foto: Überseebar

A beach bar where you can actually go for a swim, that's what the Weißensee Bathing Area has to offer.

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Tommys turbulente Tobewelt

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Foto: Tommys trubulente Tobewelt

Tommy's Kindertobeland is an area of 2000 square metres under a roof which will make the kids shout with joy. The diversity of games and playing possibilites there is enormous.

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