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The Italian restaurant Malafemmena in Berlin-Schöneberg is known far beyond the borders of the neighbourhood for its grandiose Neapolitan pizzas.

The pizzeria Malafemmena in Schöneberg is named after the "bad women". If you enter the restaurant, however, you are immediately welcomed by a piece of Naples in Berlin. The Italian waiters bustle around. Happy voices of the many guests and families fill the room, people laugh and eat. The service is attentive, charming and warm-hearted. Many of the guests in the Malafemmena are regulars. Here it not unusual that one of the Italian cooks comes from the kitchen and brings the guests food samples of new dishes at the table. Immediately, you feel comfortable and you can hardly wait to try one of the delicious pizzas yourself, which are already eaten on the numerous tables. The Malafemmena is known far beyond the borders of the neighbourhood for its great pizza.

The pizza is baked according to all rules of tradition for about 2 minutes at 420 degrees Celsius in a licensed Neapolitan "Forni Valoriani" oven. Guests can watch the pizza chefs trained in Italy working at the oven. Only the restaurant Malafemmena in Berlin uses this special oven and it is a member of the Associazione Verace Pizza napoletana. The Italian organisation has set itself the task of making known and protecting genuine Neapolitan pizzas all over the world.

All the products used in Malafemmena come directly from Italy, from tomatoes to burrata. The crust of the pizza is fluffy, the bottom thin. Besides traditional pizzas like Funghi, Salame or Diavola, there are also pizzas with ingredients like smoked mozzarella, homemade pesto or truffle oil on the menu. There are red and white pizza and calzone. “In Bufala we trust” is written with neon letters on a natural stone wall at the entrance - how true.

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The Italian restaurant Malafemmena in Berlin-Schöneberg is known far beyond the borders of the neighbourhood for its grandiose Neapolitan pizzas.

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