Chai Wallahs

The Indian restaurant Chai Wallahs in Berlin-Kreuzberg offers Indian sandwiches – unlike typical Indian Restaurants.


Foto: Top10 Berlin
Foto: Top10 Berlin

Chai Wallahs near the Görlitzer Park is completely different from the typical Indian restaurants serving rice and curry, as it is a hip Indian fast food business. Here you will get the Naanwich, an Indian sandwich, which reminds you of a spring roll. The sourdough is freshly prepared every day. The filling of the naanwich can be selected out of pork, chicken or a vegetarian option. To the Naanwich you can add sweet potatos with three homemade sauces (mango, lime or sweet chili) or Chai Wallahs slaw (white cabbage with mango, pomegranate and fresh mint) as a side dish. A classic on the menu is the Tamarind Pork: A naanwich filled with pork that is cooked in tamarind sauce for 12 hours with lettuce, tomatoes, coriander, spring onions, mint yogurt and spicy tomato tamarind sauce. Every Wednesday they offer butter chicken as a special.

The owner Oliver Wakeham is skilled at cooking and used to live in India for several years. There he got to know the Indian cuisine very well and invented the Naanwiches when he came back to Berlin. He presented his idea at the Street Food Thursday of Markthalle Neun for the first time. The rush was so great that Oliver opened his first little Indian snack bar at Wiener Straße in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Chai Wallahs restaurants are both – hip and chic. When you enter the place you immediately recognize the bar that is decorated with a large mirror. The walls are covered with tiles and bricks. The menu is written on huge boards. You can watch the cooks prepare your food in the open kitchen. Unfortunately seats are limited. Along the bar you can find some wooden bar chairs and when the weather is good you can also relax on wooden benches in front of the restaurant.


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Chai Wallahs

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