Bombay Café Bunty‘s

The Indian restaurant Bombay Café Bunty's in berlin-Charlottenburg scores with a modern Indian menu as well as an contemporary interior without trashy decorations.
Foto: Top10 Berlin

© Foto: Top10 Berlin

The Indian restaurant Bombay Café Bunty’s at Knesebeckstraße in Berlin-Charlottenburg promises the modern taste of India. Here, owner Bunty (nickname of his original Indian name Suhasish Chakraborty) likes to show his guests his very personal culinary India. This is also underlined by the the ambience of the restaurant. Guests are not welcomed by the typical Indian kitsch with golden elephants, Buddhas and umbrellas as in most traditional Indian restaurants in the city, but by a modern decor with natural stone walls, marble tables, bistro chairs and a neon sign saying “Be nice or fucking leave”. You will also find some pictures of modern interpretations of the peacock, the national animal of India, on the walls of the restaurant.

The menu is a lot of fun. Starters include chaats, typical Indian street food snacks, with sweet potato or kale tempura, various tandoori and Indian kebabs. Also served are Hoopers, typical Indian, crispy pancake bowls made of rice flour and coconut milk with vegetables or lamb as well as bunny chow, a hollowed Indian bread with Indian curry. Especially recommended are the different variations of Biryani, an Indian rice dish from the Tandoori oven in a bread crust with yoghurt-cucumber-chutney. For dessert guests will be spoiled with a Nutella Naan, a Tandoori bread with Nutella, pistachios and homemade ice cream.

If you love the Indian cuisine but would like to try something different and are looking for a modern interpretation of the traditional spicy Indian dishes, you should visit the Bombay Café Bunty’s on your next trip to Charlottenburg.

Bombay Café Bunty’s also offers a daily lunch menu and can also be rented for events.

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Knesebeckstraße, 18, 10623, Berlin, Germany




Business Hours

Tue - Fri

noon - 11:00 pm

Saturday & Sunday

05:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Important information

Card Payment

Cash card, Visa, mastercard


Difficult, paid parking on the street