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Vabali Spa

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Foto: Vabali Spa Berlin

The premium spa vabali, close to Berlin's Hauptbahnhof offers all day long an enormous variety of sauna with a number of beneficial procedures.

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Boat Restaurant Patio

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Foto: Patio

The elegant boat restaurant Patio is moored on Moabit's Bärenbrücke with a view either of Moabiter Brücke, the glass building Federal Ministry of the Interior or the beautiful vintage buildings on Holsteiner Ufer.

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Jogging Route in Fritz-Schloss-Park

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Foto: dpa picture-alliance

Moabit's Fritz-Schloss-Park offers a mix of jogging route and fitness trail.

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Osmanya Restaurant

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Foto: Osmanya Restaurant

Moabit's Osmanya Restaurant is an Oriental restaurant serving Turkish-Ottoman cuisine.

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Berliner Schlemmer Varieté

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Foto: Berliner Schlemmer Varieté

The Berliner Schlemmer Varieté in the Arminiusmarkthalle promises in true Berlin lingo „Janz Viel Amüsemang in Moabit!“

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Street Food at Arminiusmarkthalle

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Photo: dpa

Moabit's Arminiusmarkthalle may not be as hip and big as Markthalle Neun, but it still holds some culinary street food surprises in stock.

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Foto: Top10 Berlin

Moabit's Waffly offers a large selection of tasty, sweet and fresh waffles.

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Fish Restaurant Balikci Ergun

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Foto: Top10 Berlin

This tiny Turkish fish restaurant Balikci Ergun under the S-Bahn rails of Berlin-Moabit has reached cult status.

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OpenAir-Kino of Kulturfabrik Moabit

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Foto: Kulturfabrik Moabit | Filmrauschpalast

Movies for free under the stars can be enjoyed this summer at the open air cinema at Kulturfabrik Moabit, also known as "Windlicht".

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Efa's Frozen Yogurt

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Foto: Top10 Berlin

This location is closed!

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