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La Mambita

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Foto: La Mambita | Albert Ewert

La Mambita is a stylish dancing school with some Caribbean flair and great teachers who take their students by the hands and help them turn into professional salsa dancers.

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Havanna Club

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Foto: dpa picture-alliance

Salsa dancers love the Havanna club with its several dance floors and bars on different levels in Berlin-Schöneberg.

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Estudio Sudamerica

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Foto: Estudio Sudamerica

Whether it’s Salsa Cubana, Tango Argentino, Kizomba, Bachata, Bolero or Merengue – at Estudio Sudamerica you can learn all those Latin moves.

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Tanzschule Zapatissimo

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Foto: dpa

The dancing school Zapatissimo focusses on Latin-American dance and teaches salsa of all levels as well as Bachata, tango and Kizomba.

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Soda Club

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Foto: Soda Club

Every Thursday and Sunday you can move your hips to salsa beats at Soda Club in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg.

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Schönheitstanz Berlin Studio

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Foto: Katharina Schreiber

Instead of booking a boring stripper for a bachelorette party, girls can now learn how to move themselves in an erotic way at Schönheitstanzt dance studio.

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Foto: dpa

You can learn various Latin dances at the salsa dancing school Cumbancha in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

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Tanzschule Traumtänzer

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Foto: Tanzschule Traumtänzer

Learn salsa inside the former airport Berlin-Tempelhof at the dancing school Tanzschule Traumtänzer where social encounters are almost as important as dancing itself.

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Club Latino Potsdam

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Foto: Studio Latino Potsdam

The dancing school „Club Latino – Salsa in Potsdam“ puts the Latin American love for dancing into focus.

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Mi Salsa

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Foto: Mi Salsa

Mi Salsa is one of the most popular Latin clubs of Berlin and also a great place to learn some hot Latino moves.

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Magna Mata Flamenco

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Foto: Magna Mata

You will feel in Andalusia at Magna Mata Flamenco. For years the Flamenco Dance Studio has been filling people of all ages with enthusiasm for the Flamenco with the help of workshops, dance classes and performances.

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Salsa4Water Berlin

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Foto: Salsa4Water

Salsa4Water Berlin is a non-profit international Salsa dance school with open courses. All profit is given to the NGO project WaterAid.

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Pfefferberg Haus 13

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Foto: dpa

Pfefferberg Haus 13 hosts various concerts, parties and dancing classes throughout the year – the first Saturday of each month you can join in the salsa movement.

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Bebop Tanzschule

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Foto: Tanzschule Bebop

Hot rhythms, swinging turns and pirouettes - why not give away time for two and learn how to dance in the dance school Bebop in Kreuzberg?

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