Ottobock Science Center Berlin

The Ottobock Science Center near Potsdamer Platz is currently closed - it's supposed to re-open in 2019.


Foto: Otto Bock
Foto: Otto Bock
Foto: Otto Bock
Foto: Otto Bock

The Ottobock Science Center near Potsdamer Platz is currently closed – it’s supposed to re-open in 2019.

The Science Center Berlin is part of the medical technology company Ottobock and an architectural highlight from the outside.The six-story building on Ebertstraße near Potsdamer Platz in Berlin-Mitte is visible from afar with its white-gleaming aluminum façade. The façade is organically formed and curved like human muscle fibers. The interplay between high tech and nature is made clear.

In the building itself visitors will receive a mobility exhibition on the topic “Understanding what moves us”. Visitors are school classes, tourists, but also experts from the medical field. The exhibition is very interactive; everything can be touched and tried. On several floors the human body and its mobility are illuminated more closely. For example, in an experiment, visitors can test what it feels like to ride in a wheelchair and what challenges people in wheelchairs have to face every day. Other exhibits allow visitors to test the skills of human hands or the sense of balance when crossing a virtual canyon. Fascinating is a look under the skin on the 600 muscles and 208 bones of a human body at a media table. The interactive experiments are interesting for anyone interested in anatomy. Guests will playfully experience how the development of innovative prostheses, such as a thought-controlled arm prosthesis, is based on models from nature.

Admission to the mobility exhibition is free. If you want to come with a group, you should register in advance. The guided tours through the multimedia exhibition are in German or English and take about 90 minutes.

The rooms of the Science Center Berlin are also available for changing special exhibitions and can be rented for events.



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