Boulder at bright site

The boulderhall at Naumannpark in Berlin-Schhöneberg is surrounded by glass and offers a fun and sporty experience.
Foto: 2016 Kerstin Jana Kater

© Foto: 2016 Kerstin Jana Kater

Foto: 2016 Kerstin Jana Kater

© Foto: 2016 Kerstin Jana Kater

Foto: 2016 Kerstin Jana Kater

© Foto: 2016 Kerstin Jana Kater

The name bright site of the boulder hall at Naumannpark in Berlin-Schöneberg says it all: here you can climb, thanks to the glazing that surrounds the hall, at nice and bright daylight while still being indoors. Two huge objects right in the center of the 800 square meter hall offer various levels of difficulty for the climbers. In addition, the hall provides a beginner climbing wall, a campus board and gym equipment.

Bouldering isn’t a new thing in Berlin anymore, but the bright site offers an attractive environment for bouldering-fans. The objects in the center are a mix of wood and a grey-painted section. The sandy quartz grain offers additional grip and makes the climb a little easier. In total there are nine colors that indicate the difficulty level, so beginners as well as pros can decide what climb they want to tackle. The Bambini-circuit is purple and offers bouldering fun for the little ones, since the climb is specially designed for children.

Next to the boulder hall, on the first floor you will find a reception on the ground-floor that offers snacks and drinks. The lovely outdoor area with two big boulder walls invites climbers to a challenging climb if the weather is sunny and warm. Bright site even offers a hall for children from 4 to nine years old and an outdoor party room that is ideal for various events. The bright site also offers climbing courses as well as holiday camps for kids and teens.

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Wilhelm-Kabus-str., 40, 10829, Berlin, Germany




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Mon - Sun

10:00 am - 11:00 pm

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Day ticket: 10.00 Euro, Children: 6.00 Euro


Naummanspark, House 10 - through house number 42/44