Playground at Zeppelinplatz

This playground in Berlin-Wedding was redesigned and now offers various climbing options and a water pump to play with on warmer days.


Foto: Top10 Berlin

The playground on the Zeppelinplatz is popular and well used by the kids from the neighborhood in Berlin-Wedding. Especially the water pump and the climbing course are highlights.

No wonder children love this playground – kids from Berlin-Wedding and the surrounding kindergartens had been allowed to express their wishes before the renovation. The ideas were collected by the Center for Children and Young People and were passed on to the architect Birgit Teichmann, who was responsible for the implementation. The three most common children’s wishes were “water”, “climbing” and “parkour”, says Birgit Teichmann at the playground opening, “that was the direction given”. On May 21, 2016 the Zeppelin playground was finally reopened after a long renovation.

There were water elements already on the old playground “Zeppi”, but it was replaced by a new, silver shimmering pump, which allows the water to be pumped into descending rectangular containers. The water cascade ends in the sand, where kids can make a wonderful mess with mud. A useful tip for parents: don’t let your children wear the best clothes when they are playing at this playground – it will get messy!

The playground planners respected the climbing- and parkour wishes of the kids and came up with a great climbing path for the little ones.

For the parents’ comfort, benches are located directly next to the playground and the fenced meadow provides many seating areas. Together with the playground, a protected green area without dogs is provided in which the children can move freely. In addition to the playground, a football pitch and a youth area have also been created for teenagers.

So that the new playground, which has cost 2.2 million euros, remains beautiful, dogs as well as smoking are forbidden. The renovation was financed by the federal state program “Active centers”, which is also intended to revitalize the nearby Müllerstraße.


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Playground at Zeppelinplatz

Zeppelinplatz 1, 12345 Berlin



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open all year

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Dogs and smoking is not allowed