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Youth Museum Schöneberg

Youth Museum Schöneberg

The Youth Museum Schöneberg is a adventurous history museum with many projects for young people.

The Youth Museum is situated in an idyllic old villa in Berlin-Schöneberg. It shows exhibitions on the city history of Berlin on three floors.

Here children and teenagers can go on a discovery tour and plunge into foreign life stories.In the Youth Museum, children are encouraged to become active themselves, as researchers in the urban space, during scenic play and creative work.

Not only are there many things to see here, there are also workshops in which the children and youths can get a hands-on experience by working creatively or in scenic acting. In addition there is a theater fund and a small museum owned printing house.

The current project of the Youth Museum is called "Research Workshop: Colonial History in Tempelhof and Schöneberg". This exhibition focuses its attention on the colonial-historical past within the borders of today's district.

The family Sunday at the Youth Museum is also popular. On every first Sunday of the month, the museum will surprise its visitors with a special, free workshop and will open the theater fund for the ideas of creative children from 6 years.

The Wunderkammer exhibition gives children the chance to explore 27 large, mysterious boxes that contain special, precious things. Young people can discover the variety of people in Berlin in the exhibition "Villa Global - The next generation". Since 2013 the project "I know (not yet) what I want!" Has been implemented for young people, a project for the first orientation around the topics of work and career.

The Youth Museum also offers projects days and workshops for school classes and groups. The Youth Museum in Schöneberg also offers exciting programs in the summer months of Berlin and the program of the Youth Museum also includes project days and workshops for school classes and groups.

The Youth Museum belongs to the museums of Tempelhof-Schöneberg.

The current project of the Youth Museum is called "Home Berlin" and picks out the Berlin migration history as central subject. Together with children, youths and their parents you take a look into the backgrounds from where the people come who live today at Berlin and what their personal stories are.


Youth Museum Schöneberg

Hauptstraße 40 / 42
10827 Berlin




Business hours

  • closed: due to relocation

Important information

  • Entrance Fee: Free for children and adults
  • Suitable for: The "Home Berlin" project of the museum is geared to children and youths from 6 Years to adults


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