Puppentheater-Museum Berlin

In its permanent exhibition, the Puppetheater-Museum Berlin informs about the history of the puppet theater and shows today's play forms with current puppet theater for children.
Foto: Puppentheater-Museum Berlin

© Foto: Puppentheater-Museum Berlin

The Puppet Theater-Museum Berlin originally started as a mobile museum. At its permanent location in Berlin-Neukölln it is nowadays a place of experience for children, young people and adults. In half-yearly to yearly changing exhibitions daily guided tours on various topics are offered according to the age and the interests of the visitors.

For children, the guided tours are with playful actions and lots of movement. The children are encouraged to try out puppets themselves and have fun with them. Thus the Marionette Pinocchio presents herself, explains her threads, their function and mobility. As a lecturer, she keeps the children moving with a small fitness program.

For very brave children from 8 years the torch guidance is offered. In the darkened exhibition individual pupptes and dolls are presented in the light of a single flashlight – an exciting matter. Larger children and young people can experience different playing techniques themselves during the guided tour “Behind The Scenes” and deal with doll construction, puppet play and stage construction. If you are interested, this tour can also be extended to the workshop.

The Puppet Theater-Museum also functions as a children’s theater. The narrative programs and workshops of the “fairytale initiative Sesam” for children and adults have been an integral part of the program since the foundation of the museum. For children from 4 years, changing pieces like “Hummel Lulu”, “Rumpelstilzchen” or “Frau Holle” are played with puppets.

Children are also invited to take part in a trip through the world of puppets, stories and fairy tales. Also popular is the children’s birthday party at the Puppentheater Museum, where children can “let the puppets dance”.

For all programs, theatrical performances, guided tours and workshops is requested to register.

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Karl-Marx-str., 135, 12043, Berlin, Germany




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09:00 am - 03:00 pm


11:00 am - 04:00 pm

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Adults: 4,00 Euro, Children: 3,00 Euro