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Kiez Rösterei

Kiez Rösterei

In Kreuzberg the Kiez Rösterei offers many delicious and high quality coffee variations.

When entering the little Kiez Rösterei (Kiez roastery) in the Gneisenaustraße in Kreuzberg guest directly feel that the owners love coffee. The small guest room is dominated by the large self-service bar where the Barista lovingly prepare the coffee orders. Coffee specialties from Espresso to Moccaccino are offered in the coffee shop, for a small extra charge they are as well as iced. The coffee roasted by the Kiez Rösterei is called Mykona Kaffee and is sold in various grinding degree like whole bean, espresso, stovepot, hand filter, coffee machine, Frenchpress, Karlsbaderkanne and Chemex. The roasted coffee is available as espresso roasting (medium or dark) or as filter coffee roasting (light or medium).

The café has a few small tables, but all the coffee specialties of the roasting shop are also available to take away. Outside on the street there are a few more wooden tables and chairs with colorful cushions. The Kiez Rösterei also is a shop. In addition to the in-house Mykona coffee, they also sell fair trade and organic coffees from direct import from countries like Sumatra, Nepal or Ecuador. Espresso machines are also available for use at home or trade. There is also plenty of barista tools, cups, glassware and ceramics to buy. Kiez Rösterei also offers coffee and barista training courses, for example, individual training courses, employee training, training courses for a coffee shop or courses in coffee-making.

The coffee information center and the museum at Nostitzstraße, which can be visited on request, are also part of Kiez Rösterei.

On Sundays Kiez Rösterei remains closed.

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Kiez Rösterei

Gneisenaustraße 68
10961 Berlin




Business hours

  • Mon - Fri: 12:00 pm - 06:00 pm
  • Saturday: 11:00 am - 05:00 pm
  • Sunday : closed

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