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Ben Rahim

Ben Rahim

Ben Rahim is hidden away in the Hackesche Höfe a true coffee-jewel and brings the Arabic coffee-tradition to Berlin-Mitte.

In the Hackesche Höfe in Berlin-Mitte you can find the small coffee shop Ben Rahim, which offers coffee tradition from Tunisian-Arabic tradition. The tiny shop is kept in an oriental design and is decorated with mosaic tables and carpets hanging on the wall. Also, on the wall is a world map of the long journey from the beans to the final cup of coffee. The coffee is imported from the Square Mile Coffee Roasters café in London and the coffee specialties are always fresh and lovingly prepared in front of the eyes of the customers. The delicious espresso and filter coffee varieties are seasonally inspired by Arabic and Tunisian flavors. Especially popular for Ben Rahim are the exceptional coffee roasting, such as the Espresso Roasting Red Brick with caramel, raspberry and chocolate aroma, or the La Piramida filter coffee with apple and chamomile flavor, or Kayon Mountain with bergamot and apricot flavor. The roasting of Square Mile can also be purchased packaged for coffee-indulgence at home.

At the small shop it is always busy and next to Berlin locals, who visit regularly, tourists find their way to the coffee roaster and enjoy the huge offer of coffee specialties. Next to coffee you can get delicious cakes at Ben Rahim too, such as the Espresso Cake, Casablanca Cake and many more. In the café you can sit on small tables or at the windowsills or if the weather allows on one of the small tables in front of the café.

The love for good coffee is celebrated by the entire Ben Rahim staff and the popular benrahimbike is present at street food markets and other events throughout the whole city.

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Ben Rahim

Sophien Strasse 7
10178 Berlin




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