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Foxtrail Berlin

Foxtrail Berlin

Discover Berlin on the tracks of the fox: Launched in August 2018, Foxtrail is an exciting mix of Berlin Rally, city tour, scavenger hunt and escape game.

Discover Berlin on the tracks of the fox: Launched in August 2018, Foxtrail is an exciting mix of Berlin Rally, city tour, scavenger hunt and escape game.

With Foxtrail you can discover Berlin from a new perspective. In this respect this special kind of city tour is rather a mixture of treasure hunt, sightseeing and escape game and is equally suitable for Berliners, tourists and families.
Foxtrail has been known in Switzerland for 15 years and has started in Berlin in August 2018. The idea is to follow the imaginary tracks of a fox through the city. The players move in small groups of about 4 to 5 people on a hidden trail, which can only be discovered and found by the participants. Tourists get to know the highlights of Berlin, while Berliners discover hidden places and unusual perspectives.

Besides good shoes and a bottle of water you should bring a smartphone and a lot of enthusiasm to solve riddles. In this respect, this special city tour is also suitable for families with children between 10 and 14 years of age. Children and teenagers often find hidden puzzle clues much faster than adults and experience the Foxtrail as an exciting treasure hunt through the city and not as a boring city walk with adults.

Doing the Foxtrail the group is outdoors and gets to know Berlin from different perspectives, without time pressure and at yourr own pace. In order not to lose track of the fox, sophisticated codes have to be cracked or hidden messages found on the way, sometimes a pen and paper are helpful. Thus, in addition to well-known hotspots such as the Friedrichstrasse railway station or Hackescher Markt, you may also discover a small shop, a theatre or a less well-known museum. Sometimes a green fox paw print helps to stay on track.
If a puzzle is really too difficult or you are simply on the wrong track, there are hints so that nobody can get stranded in Berlin or is unable finish the tour. With combined forces, solving the Berlin puzzles is really a lot of fun.

However, one should be good on foot, a Foxtrail is approx. 4 km long and for the duration of the game one should plan depending upon individual speed between two and three hours.


Foxtrail Berlin

Friedrichstraße 133
10117 Berlin




Business hours

  • Daily: 10:00 am - 06:00 pm

Important information

  • Price Level: Adults: 25,00 euros, children (up to 14 years): 14,00 euros


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