Lesbisch-Schwules Stadtfest

"Equal rights for everybody!"

For the 28th time the Regenbogenfonds organizes Europe’s largest Lesbian-Gay city festival. More than 350,000 visitors are expected on an area of ​​20,000 square meters. On both feast days, the area around the Nollendorfplatz until late at night to the party mile. There will be a diverse program on five main stages, in which various German and international bands of all genres will perform. In addition, an ecumenical service will take place at the opening of the 28th Lesbian-Gay City Festival 2020 in the Twelve Apostles Church. The motto at the Lesbian-Gay City Festival 2019 was “Equal Rights for Unequal – Worldwide!”. The six city festivals, which include the world of film, the world of radio, the world of sports, the world of politics, the world of positives, and the world of health and wellness all dealt with this topic. Various organizations, associations and artists provided a colorful program. A special highlight is the celebrity talk show “The Red Wild Sofa”, which has already become a classic. Last year, Gerhard Hoffmann interviewed, among others, the federal chairman of the Jusos, Kevin Kühnert. Also present: Angelika Schöttler, Katrin Salloch, Roman Shamov, Anne Grießbach and Sebastian Stipp. The 2020 program has not yet been published. The Lesbisch-Schwule Stadtfest offers its visitors an extensive range of information and stalls, a variety of gastronomic scene shops with cozy beer gardens, cocktails and champagne bars and a varied culinary offer. All interested parties are invited to celebrate together and to position themselves against discrimination and racism – for equal coexistence and cooperation beyond the community.

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Business Hours

Saturday 18 - Sunday 19 July, 2020

11:00 am - 11.00 pm