CSD Berlin - Christopher Street Day 2020

Every summer, the best LGBT+ event in Berlin: Christopher Street Day. Do not miss it!

Every summer, thousands of people gather in Berlin to celebrate Christopher Street Day, also known as CSD. The festival, which has its origins in the Gay Pride movement in New York in the 1970s, quickly gained popularity in Germany as well. Whether gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or intersex, in short LGBTI – every sentiment is expressed at this festival. A colorful parade through the districts of Tiergarten and Schöneberg leads to this. These neighborhoods are considered especially popular with members of the Gay and Lesbian community. Even though it is a celebration of joy and you usually look into numerous euphoric faces, the CSD also has a more serious ulterior motive. It is demonstrated for the equal rights of all members of the LGBTI Movement. Homosexuals are still persecuted in some countries around the world. Even in Germany, homosexuals are not yet regarded as equal in all areas and are affected by discrimination. Christopher Street Day aims to raise awareness of the rights of homosexuals and to set a clear but peaceful mark against discrimination. It is not uncommon for celebrities and politicians who sympathize with the Gay Pride movement to be spotted on the procession. In addition there are numerous volunteers.
The festival has become indispensable these days. It is to be hoped that many more Christopher Street Days will be held in Berlin and that the mood will remain as harmonious and euphoric as it is currently.

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July 25, 2020