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Tennisakademie Berlin

Tennisakademie Berlin

Tennis - a sport for the elite? Nothing further from the truth. Game, set and match is the motto of Tennisakademie Berlin in Charlottenburg.

For 100 years the Tennisakadamie in Berlin Charlottenburg has been helping young tennis talents to reach competition level. No matter if it's right up to the net or a hair away from the line, also amateur tennis fans can get their fill there. Due to the cooperation with the Berlin Ice Skating Club, it is possible to enjoy more than just exclusive tennis lessons here. Get physical with sports like soccer, karate, Muay Thai, curling, ice scating for fitness training.

The tennis section will help the players individually with training hours, general fitness training, tennis camps and trips to tournaments. Currently, the Tennis Akademie helps about 150 tennis enthusiasts to fine-tune their skills, from the youngest to the oldest players. Adequate tennis partners are available for all skill levels in order for everyone to progress with their game.

The training system is made up of a training plan and periodisation, general training, special training and tournaments. This concept safeguards a long-term developement of your tennis skills. Your individual skill level will be taken into consideration during the mini and midi and even up to WTA/ATP tournaments.

Another cooperation exists with the the sports school Poelchau.Oberschule which enables a close networking of schoo, training and tournaments. This serves above all to further the skills of young tennis talents. The players are monitored by sports doctors and the cooperation with the regional institute for sports medicine and the Berlin Olympics Centre makes sure that there is an expert level of health monitoring. Next to sports psychology and counselling, there is also counselling on how to eat properly.

Some of the successes achieved by players of Tennisakademie Berlin includes a win in the federal competition "Youth training for the Olympics" or also world-champion titles in the schools' division.


Tennisakademie Berlin

Glockenturmstraße 21
14053 Berlin




Business hours

  • Monday to Friday: 08:00 am - noon and 1:00 - 05:00 pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: On appointment only

Important information

  • Parking: Available
  • Card Payment: Cash payment only
  • Reservation: Recommended


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