Stadtbad Neukölln

The indoor swimming pool Stadtbad Neukölln is one of Europe's most beautiful places to enjoy a swim and a sauna!
Foto: Berliner Bäderbetriebe

© Foto: Berliner Bäderbetriebe

Foto: Berliner Bäderbetriebe

© Foto: Berliner Bäderbetriebe

Foto: Berliner Bäderbetriebe

© Foto: Berliner Bäderbetriebe

Taking a swim at Stadtbad Neukölln makes you feel like swimming in ancient Rome. The building, designed and built by architect Reinhold Kiehl, was orignally opened in 1914 and is the shining star of the Berlin public swimming pools. Stadtbad Neukölln is without a doubt also among the most beatiful swimming halls in all of Europe. The big and small natatoria are built in the style of a Greek-Roman thermal bath, even the mosaics and the wall columns stay true to style. Swimming fun galore is guaranteed, the pools measure 25 respectively 19 metres of length.

Since January 2009 this historic swimming hall shines with new splendour. In 2014 Stadtbad Neukölln celebrated its centenary year. On this occasion of this anniversary, the German postal service issued a special commemorative stamp.

The Stadtbad has a large sauna area with an herb sauna, Finnish sauna, Greek-Roman steam bath, a caldarium, a sanarium with coloured lights, massage and a roof garden. A diving pool and peaceful resting areas conclude the list of amenities. The Stadtbad’s cafeteria will take care of feeding you should you feel peckish, the entire venue is barrier-free.

Neukölln’s Stadtbad offers now as well aquafitness and nude swimming. In winter, there is additionally nocturnal swimming every last Friday of the month between 7:00 pm and 1:00 am. Every Saturday and Sunday between 7:00 pm and 10:30 pm, Neukölln’s Stadtbad organises the so-called “romantic swimming night”. You will swim and float in well temperated water, with your eyes closed and listen to atmospheric wellness and chill-out music.

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Business Hours


Noon - 10:30 pm ladies' swimming, female staff only


06:30 - 08:00 am, 02:00 - 04:00 pm, 04:00 - 10:30 pm parallel operations courses/clubs


06:30 - 08:00 am, 02:00 - 10:30 pm


06:30 - 08:00 am, 01:00 -10:30 pm, 01:00 - 06:00 pm parallel operations


08:00 am - 10:30 pm, 08:00 am - 07:00 pm fun swimming, 07:00 - 10:30 pm romantic swimming night warm water swimming

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