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Preussenpark is a multifunctional sports and leisure location in Berlin Steglitz.

The sports enthusiasts at Preussenpark can get physical on more than 7.000 square metres in Steglitz. The venue scores with 4 inside tennis courts, 4 outside courts, 10 Badminton cours, 4 for Squash and 4 double bowling alleys. If you enjoy playing Badminton outside in summer, you can as easily play your matches here in winter - warm on the inside.

Ambituous tennis players will find tennis classes of all kings. Be it as individual class or in groups, beginner or intermediate, adults or children - they will be able to accomodate you. Their tennis school will certainly help you with the latest training techniques: video analyis of your playing, training at the ball machine or even drill classes. On the whole, the variety of sports and training is pretty balanced at Preussenpark. Tennis apart, the venue offers many fitness classes for groups but also the possibility to play sports individually.

Many of the people here are regulars at Preussenpark, dropping in regularly for a training session and finishing off the day with a sauna. The staff is friendly and help and they will do their utmost that the people here can really unwind from their daily stress.

If you like playing Badminton outside in summer, this is the place to do so in winter. Additionally they offer tennis courts, squash courts and bowling lanes for you to enjoy. If you seek to escape the daily stress, Preussenpark is the place to go to.



Kamenzer Damm 34
12249 Berlin




Business hours

  • Daily: 07:00 am - 10:00 pm

Important information

  • Parking: Available
  • Card Payment: EC
  • Reservation: Required


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