Maranja Adventure Club

Discover Berlin in a completely new way with the Maranja Adventure Club through an exciting outdoor escape game that combines sightseeing, puzzle fun and environmental protection in a unique experience.


Photo: Maranja Adventure Club
Photo: Maranja Adventure Club
Photo: Maranja Adventure Club
Photo: Maranja Adventure Club
Photo: Maranja Adventure Club

The Maranja Adventure Club in Berlin offers a unique experience: an outdoor escape game that takes participants through the fascinating streets of Berlin. Equipped with tablets and other exciting gadgets, players are immersed in an immersive story as they explore Berlin’s famous sights, neighborhoods and landmarks. The puzzles are varied and specifically tailored to Berlin’s surroundings, making the experience interesting for visitors and locals alike. Even Berliners discover new, unknown corners of their city during this adventure.

The game begins with a personal welcome and support from the game leader, who hands out the first puzzle items and the tablet to the participants. This tablet not only serves as a guide to the various puzzle stations, but also as a direct link to the game leader, who offers support if required. The participants set off as a team, solve the puzzles and combine the objects with their surroundings, using the tablet to help check the solutions. The route takes them to well-known and unknown sights in Berlin, allowing them to explore the city as if they were in an escape room.

The club also offers special games for different interests. For apprentice magicians, for example, there is the magical tour “Aurora’s Magic Cube”. The games are suitable for different age groups and offer a challenge for both adults and children aged 10 and over in easy mode.

The Maranja Adventure Club also attaches great importance to sustainability. With every game card sold, the club protects one square meter of German forest. This initiative demonstrates the club’s commitment to giving something back to nature and helps to preserve the environment. A total of 1,879 trees have already been planted and many square meters of forest protected.

All in all, the Maranja Adventure Club offers an exciting mix of escape game, scavenger hunt and sightseeing – all in the fresh air. It’s a great opportunity to experience Berlin in a completely new and interactive way while helping to preserve the environment.


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Maranja Adventure Club

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Tue - Fri

02:00 pm - 06:00 pm

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10:00 am - 06:00 pm

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Early Rate - Mon - Thu til 18:30 pm: 2 Player: 69.00 Euro; 3 Spieler: 89.00 Euro 2 vs. 2 Player: 109.00 Euro; 2 vs. 3 Player: 119.00 Euro; 3 vs. 3 Player: 129.00 Euro | Late Rate - Mo - Thu ab 18:30 pm & Fri - Sun all day: 2 Player: 79.00 Euro; 3 Player: 99.00 Euro 2 vs. 2 Player: 119.00 Euro; 2 vs. 3 Player: 129.00 Euro; 3 vs. 3 Player: 139.00 Euro