Live Escape Room at Laserstar Berlin

Anyone looking for an exciting group adventure can immerse themselves in the world of escape rooms at Laserstar Berlin: Here you can experience thrilling stories from Jack the Ripper to Game of Thrones.


Escape Room Laserstar Berlin Neukölln
Escape Room Laserstar Berlin Neukölln
Escape Room Laserstar Berlin Neukölln
Escape Room Laserstar Berlin Neukölln
Escape Room Laserstar Berlin Neukölln

An unparalleled adventure awaits you in the escape rooms of Laserstar Berlin, where excitement and fun await you in a world full of puzzles and secrets. With three uniquely designed rooms that can accommodate up to 10 people each, the escape rooms offer a personalized experience that combines thrills and teamwork.

In the first room, “Jack the Ripper”, you are transported to London in the 1880s. You take on the role of detectives on the hunt for the notorious serial killer. The detailed scenography transports you directly to the foggy alleyways of Whitechapel, where every clue could be crucial in stopping the Ripper.

In the second room, “Tutankhamun’s Tomb”, you enter the world of ancient Egypt. This living representation of a burial chamber challenges you to unravel the mystery of the great pharaoh. But be warned: if you linger too long, Tutankhamun’s curse could catch up with you forever.

The third room, “Winter is coming”, is based on the popular series “Game of Thrones”. Your mission: to save the world from the undead. The room pays homage to Castle Black and challenges you to overcome winter and its dangers. In this escape room, your team will be put to the test to uncover the secrets that could ensure the survival of mankind.

Laserstar Berlin’s escape rooms offer a unique experience that is perfect for friends, families or colleagues looking for an exciting and challenging activity in Berlin. Each room offers a different scenario and its own puzzles that require skill, logic and teamwork.

Whether you’re facing the shadows of London, exploring the mysteries of ancient Egypt or taking on the challenges of the icy wastes of Westeros, you’re in for an unforgettable adventure that will both stimulate the mind and get the heart racing.


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