Alice - Museum for Children at the FEZ

The Alice Children's Museum is a bit like the girl Alice from the story “Alice in Wonderland”, designed for bright and curious children and teenagers aged 8 and over in FEZ Berlin.


Foto: Alice - Museum für Kinder | Nik Schölzel
Foto: Alice - Museum für Kinder | Nik Schölzel
Foto: Alice - Museum für Kinder | Nik Schölzel

The Alice Museum for Children in the FEZ is a museum that invites to marvel. Participation, being involved and joining in are expressly desired.

An example is the “Young House of One” in Berlin, which is built with the participation of children, young people, artists and architects. The “Young House of One” is to unite a synagogue, a mosque and a church under one roof. The current exhibition “Tell me about death” deals interactively with the Before and After.

For more than a decade, the museum has been successfully presenting imaginative exhibitions for children, young people and families, who devote themselves to different and often current topics of culture, history, politics or science. The exhibitions, such as the globalization exhibition Welcome@HotelGlobal or the cultural exhibition “Pop up Cranach” have already won prizes.

The aim of the museum is to make it possible for children to deal with unusual themes and to understand one’s own everyday life better.

The exhibitions at the Alice Children ‘s Museum are aimed at children and adolescents in basic and upper secondary schools and their adult companions. Exhibitions successfully presented at Alice Museum, such as the “Hotel Global”, are designed to go on tour in other cities also.


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Alice – Museum for Children at the FEZ

Straße zum FEZ 2, 12459 Berlin




Business Hours


10:00 am - 06:00 pm

Important information

Entrance Fee

3,50 euro (discounted at 2,50 euro), families 11,50 euro (discounted at 8,00 euro)

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Suitable for children aged 8 and up.

Exhibiton open until

The exhibition "Dad, what was the GDR?" is open until 6 July 2014.