Zoo-Aquarium Berlin

Above all when it's pouring rain outside, the special children's tours of Zoo Aquarium Berlin are ideally suited to bring the young visitors in closer contact with the fascinating world of the Zoo Aquarium.
Foto: Aquarium Berlin

© Foto: Aquarium Berlin

Foto: dpa picture-alliance

© Foto: dpa picture-alliance

Foto: Zoo Berlin

© Foto: Zoo Berlin

Zoo-Aquarium Berlin

© Zoo-Aquarium Berlin

Zoo-Aquarium Berlin

© Zoo-Aquarium Berlin

Zoo-Aquarium Berlin

© Zoo-Aquarium Berlin

The children’s tours with different subjects are suited for various age groups and can be booked all over the year. The first highlight is right behind the ticket counter: the petting tank with Japanse Koi carps.

During the winter months, very adventuruous young explorers may learn about the life at the Aquarium with a flashlight in their hands during the children’s night tour. The night at the Aquarium reveals many things you won’t be able to see during the day – for example the rare nocturnal Tuataras from New Zealand.

Or what about a birthday party between colourful schools of fish – another experience of the special kind!

Top10 Berlin insiders’ tip: All tours require prior registration. Especially the children’s night tour during winter is very popular and tickets for it sell like hot cakes. But also if you are not on a guided tour, a spontaneous trip to the Aquarium is just plain fun!

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Budapester Str., 32, 10787, Berlin, Germany




Business Hours


09:00 am - 06:00 pm

Christmas Eve

09:00 am - 02:00 pm

Important information

Ticket Prices

Aquarium: Adults. ca. 13,00 euro (combination ticket Zoo + Aquarium around 20,00 Euro), children (5 - 15 years): ca. 6,50 euro (combination ticket: ca. 10,00 euro)

Birthday Parties

Children's tours and birthday parties have to be registered under +49 30 25 40 14 00. Cost: around 60,00 Euro up to 15 participants plus entrance tickets.

Children's Tours

The tours for children are very popular, weekdays between 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm and at 11:00 am on weekends.

Children's Night Tour

Operational between October to March, duration 1,5 hours. Tickets are 14,00 euro for children and around 20,00 euro for adults. Tour schedules to be found under www.aquarium-berlin.de. It is advisable to book tickets well in advance since the night tours sell out quickly.