FEZ Berlin

The FEZ in the Wuhlheide is really no insider tip. It is the largest non-profit leisure and recreation center for children not only in Berlin but in Europe! Every new generation discovers it for itself!


Foto: Top10 Berlin
Foto: Top10 Berlin

The FEZ (for: Leisure and Recreation Center) in the Wuhlheide in Berlin is actually Europe’s largest non-profit children’s, youth and family center. It has 100,000 square meters of outdoor space and 13,000 square meters of indoor space.

It is the opposite of an insider’s tip, but even if you already know the FEZ, you can discover it again and again. Through various program priorities and great weekend activities, which change throughout the year. Another big plus is that the FEZ offers opportunities for all weather conditions: The huge children’s entertainment center houses a cartoon studio, a cooking studio, a theater for children, a space center and an indoor swimming pool. In addition to the refurbished swimming pool, the FEZ even has its own FEZ bathing lake. Outside there are also many beautiful playgrounds that provide entertainment and fun.

In a forest park, the children can romp and do sports. And in the interactive children’s museum, questions about everyday topics and history are clarified. One can also celebrate children’s birthday parties here. No matter what the occasion, the FEZ is guaranteed to be a lot of fun for the little ones.

The manifold offers make themselves noticeable in the visitor numbers, annually approx. 850,000 humans come to the FEZ, in order to experience adventure, education or simply fun.


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FEZ Berlin

Straße zum FEZ 2, 12459 Berlin