Der Vegetarische Metzger

Der Vegetarische Metzger (vegetarian butcher) in Berlin Kreuzberg offers vegetarian meat made of soy and lupine with a real meaty taste.


Foto: Der vegetarische Metzger

For all vegans and vegetarians or those who just want to consume less meat, but like the taste of it, Der Vegetarische Metzger (vegetarian butcher) in Kreuzberg offers a high quality and tasty meat substitute. The meat-free alternative products do not sacrifice the texture and taste of real meat and are based on soy and lupine.

For years, the Dutch farmer Jaap Korteweg worked together with chef Paul Bom and a motivated team on a delicious meat substitute. With great success, because in the meantime, Jaap and his team have even thrilled the “New York Times”, the “Tagesspiegel” and many more with their vegetarian meat, the delicious and healthy meat substitute.

The assortment of the Dutch organic farmer ranges from sausages to chicken fillet and teriyaki chicken and tuna to prawns and minced meat, which are as tasty as real meat.

The concept store with snack-bar in the Bergmannstraße in Kreuzberg offers the possibility to order fast dishes such as currywurst, chicken shawarma or a beef burrito and to taste it directly on site. The creations sound simple, but can inspire both, taste and appearance. The drinks menu convinces with valuable birch water in different flavors. The aromatic and delicious quinoa beer and the quinoa vodka are also organically grown. A very special highlight are the liqueurs of “Fair”, which are available in different variations or the superfoods such as acai and goji berries. The goods are produced 100% fair – making them a pioneer in the global market. As a dessert you can taste delicious raw vegan tartlets from a Berlin partner pastry shop. You can tell the team here is passionate about their products and nobody will have to leave the store hungry.

The creative interior is reminiscent of a butcher’s shop with the white tiles on the wall and the meat cart in the middle of the store’s shop counter, while modern wood furniture and a rustic brick wall create a welcoming atmosphere. Stitched sausages made of fabric from “cold cuts” make for real meatier flair. Here you can really feast without a guilty conscience.

For those who like to cook their treats at home, Der Vegetarische Metzger also sells home-style products. Just like at a real butcher the delicious vegan mortadella and other cold meats can be weighed and packaged at the counter.


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Der Vegetarische Metzger

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