Mars Kitchen & Bar

The Mars is the restaurant belonging to silent green, a relatively new cultural quater at Berlin-Wedding. The silent green is a special place, a new event venue which has found its unique home in the historic premises of the former Wedding Crematorium in Berlin. Strangely enoungh, here you can have an inexpensive, fresh and healthy lunch and a contemplative break.
Foto: Top10 Berlin

© Foto: Top10 Berlin

Foto: Top10 Berlin

© Foto: Top10 Berlin

To have lunch on the premises of a former Crematorium seems to be a bit morbide at first sight. However, Mars Kitchen & Bar belong to the silent green, an event venue, founded in 2013, a protected art space for thinking, reserch and experimentation, a cultural campus, where upcoming events will be planned and developed.

A permanent exhibition in the atrium documents the history of the site, from crematorium to cultural quarter. From five persons there a guided tours offered.

The small Mars restaurant is not only open to the members of silent green, but is also open to the public, who also has the opportunity to have a contemplative lunch break on an island of silence inmidst the noisy city.

If the weather is nice enough, lunch will be served outside. Guests enjoy fresh and healthy food, also vegetarian or vegan dishes from all over the world on dark wooden tabels. Lunch prices vary between 6 and 8 euros, the lunch menu changes weekly.

The weakly menu is published on the Mars website. As dessert there are sweets like raspberry or apple cake available, to go with an excellent latte macchiato or high qualitiy loose tea. The view goes into the green to old trees at the old graveyard Gerichtsstraße, which is right next to the silent green. It is hardly imaginable that close by life is kicking in Müllerstraße.

In the summertime Mars Kitchen & Bar also opens Saturday and Sunday between 10 am and 5 pm, offering brunch. Offered are warm croissants and fresh rolls, cheese cake, poached salmon, asian rice-breakfast or as an alternative a green garden breakfast with avocado, brokkoli, green asparagus and baby spinach. Large groups are requested to reserve.

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Gerichtstraße, 35, 13347, Berlin, Germany




Business Hours

Monday to Friday

11:00 am - 06:00 pm

Saturday and Sunday

10:00 am - 05:00 pm

company holiday

until 06.08.2017

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Lunch prices between 6,00 and 8,00 euros. Brunch between 4,50 and 12,00 euros.

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S 41 + S 42 /Ringbahn Haltestelle Wedding, U6 Haltestelle Wedding und Leopoldplatz, Bus 247, M27 Haltestelle Nettelbeckplatz/S-Wedding, Bus 120 Haltestelle Gerichtstraße