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Heimlich Treu

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Foto: Heimlich Treu

The cozy and glamorous restaurant Heimlich Treu serves creative tapas-sized dishes of the regional, seasonal cuisine for sharing.

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Foto: ett la benn

Coda in Berlin-Neukölln is Germany’s first dessert restaurant and offers complete dessert menus with tapas-sized courses.

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Night Kitchen Berlin

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Foto: Top10 Berlin

The Night Kitchen in Berlin-Mitte is a mixture of restaurant and bar and offers Israleli inspired tapas-sized dishes.

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Kochu Karu

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Foto: Kochu Karu

The Asian restaurant Kochu Karu combines Korean cuisine with the idea of Spanish tapas – a specialty for which the restaurant was awarded with the Bib Gourmand 2016.

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Foto: Volver

This traditional Spanish tapas bar in the heart of the government district combines both holiday feeling and culinary revelations.

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Foto: Hildebrand

The restaurant PeterPaul at Torstraße in Berlin-Mitte serves traditional German cuisine, yet very differently. Here, you get traditional German dishes in the form of tapas.

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Restaurant Ruz

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Foto: Adobe Stock

The tapas restaurant Ruz in Berlin-Mitte scores with its rustic ambience as well as its wide tapas selection.

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The charming restaurant Bricole in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg serves small French-inspired dishes as a menu.

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Taverna Ousia

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Foto: Top10 Berlin

The cozy restaurant Taverna Ousia serves traditional mezedes – a Greek tapas version.

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mar y sol

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Foto: mar y sol

When you are looking for a break from reality, the Spanish restaurant "mar y sol" is the place for you. A great variety of tapas creations are served here.

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Tapas Espana

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Foto: Top10Berlin

In this authentic tapas bar in Berlin-Schöneberg, the Spanish chef really does work his magic to create genuine spanish tapas.

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Bar Raval

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Foto: Bar Raval

The ”Bar Raval” near Görlitzer Park in the hip Kreuzberg district has less of a Spanish folkloristic touch than other tapas bar, instead they bank on minimalistic Berlin design.

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Foto: Top10 Berlin

The tiny restaurant MontRaw in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg offers Israeli-Mediterranean inspired fine dining tapas-style dishes.

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Tres Tapas

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Foto: Tres Tapas

You will get an instant holiday feeling when entering the Tapas bar Tres Tapas.

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Las Olas

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Foto: Las Olas

An evening at the „Las Olas“ will remind you of staying in beautiful Andalusia, the warmest part of Spain.

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Foto: Supersonico

The restaurant Supersonico at Bernauer Straße close to mauerpark serves Italian tapas-style dishes.

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Alois S.

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Foto: Top10 Berlin

This welcoming tapas testaurant in Prenzlauer Berg is ideally located for children next to a playground.

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Tapas Berlin

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Foto: Tapas Berlin

The Tapas Berlin holds every promise. More than 100 different tapas to choose from doesn't really make this an easy choice.

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Tapas YoSoy

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Foto: Tapas YoSoy

Tapas are part of everyday's life in Spain.

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Bodega & Tapas Bar La Plaza

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Foto: La Plaza

The small bodega und tapas bar La Plaza is the perfect place to meet up with friends, enjoying a glass of wine and handmade tapas in Berlin-Charlottenburg.

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