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Foto: The Ritz-Carlton Berlin, Natalia Kepesz

The house bar of the Ritz-Carlton Berlin, the bar Fragrances, impresses with a unique bar concept!

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Angiyok Icebar Berlin

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Foto: Top10 Berlin

In the Angiyok ice bar in Berlin-Mitte you can experience an unique ice world with ice sculptures and cool drinks from ice glasses at -10 degrees Celsius.

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Zyankali Bar

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Foto: Zyankali Bar

The bubbling test glass from chemistry class in school has not been used in vain as namesake for Berlin's Zyankali Bar.

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Train Cocktailbar

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Foto: Train Cocktailbar

A refurnished street car wagon from 1920 is home to the Train cocktail bar close to Kleistpark in Berlin-Schöneberg.

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Tarantino's Bar

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Foto: Tarantino's Bar

For fans of American director Quentin Tarantino this bar in Berlin-Mitte is an obligatory stop at Berlin.

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Barbie Bar

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Foto: BarbieBar | Studio Seltnet

The place lives up to its name: all over this bar in Kreuzberg you will find Barbie dolls - even in the chandeliers!

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Last Cathedral

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Foto: Top10 Berlin

Two skulls flank the entrance to the Last Cathedral, a dimly-lit flight of stairs takes you underground...

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Tussy Lounge

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Foto: Tussy Lounge

Tussy Lounge in Berlin-Friedrichshain is not a bar anymore, but remais a hairdresser.

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Foto: Sanatorium23

CLOSED! Party till you drop - that's how you can sum up the concept of the funny bar Sanatorium23 where everything is totally tuned to a hospital theme.

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