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Zyankali Bar

Zyankali Bar

The bubbling test glass from chemistry class in school has not been used in vain as namesake for Berlin's Zyankali Bar.

With its bright yellow colored walls it’s not that easy to overlook the Zyankali Bar in Berlin-Kreuzberg. The interior is supposed to represent a chemistry lab. The bar sees itself as an “institution for entertainment chemistry”. Decorated with illuminated test glasses a cocktail might be served in a flask.

The bar was founded by a labatory technican. The staff conctantly works on new cocktail variations to create the perfect taste. It’s not unusual that a drink is served as foam or in form of liquid bubbles. Some of the creations include a very own absinth, self-made liqueurs and the in-house beer “Zyankalibräu”. Also a wide range of selected spirits from all over the world and barrel or bottle stored cocktails is be tested and bought at Zyankali Bar. The bar is style-defining in Berlin since they host regular tasting sessions and classes on flavoring there.

Here you can also play a round of table soccer and the beer garden is opened during the warmer seasons.


Zyankali Bar

Gneisenaustraße 17
10961 Berlin




Business hours

  • Sun - Thu: 04:00 pm - 01:00 am
  • Fri & Sat: 04:00 pm - 04:00 am

Important information

  • Price Level: Beer Zyankali Bräu (0,5l): 3.90 Euro; cocktails about 8.00 Euro


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