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Foto: KIM Bar

The KIM Bar on Berlin's gallery strip on Mitte's Brunnenstraße took over the location of the former Postcafé. The bar may be small in size and quite inconspicuous but it makes up for all that with its great atmospere.

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Bar 3

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Foto: dpa

Bar 3 is a real "artists' bar" and the creative meeting point of Berlin's art, theatre and movie scene in Berlin-Mitte.

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Dalí - The exhibition at Potsdamer Platz

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Foto: Dalí Berlin

The artist Salvador Dalí was not only surrealist par excellence but also an avowed dandy.

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Foto: Süssmädchen, Antje Schubert

Artist Antje Schubert designs individual accessories like key chains and bracelets in her studio in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg - each piece by Süssmädchen is unique!

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THE WALL - asisi Panorama Berlin

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Foto: asisi F&E Gmb | David Oliveira

The large Panorama wall of the artist Yadegar Asisi visualizes the daily life next to the Berlin wall on a fictitious autumn day in the 1980s.

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Foto: Henryk Weiffenbach

Monsterkabinett which translates to monster cabinet is an art project with mechanical monster machines and it supports the independent art scene in Berlin-Mitte.

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Diener Tattersall

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Grafik: top10berlin

The Tattersall is named after the English horse auctioneer Richard Tattersall and used to be an indoor riding-hall and a riding school.

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Arte Luise Art Hotel

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Foto: Arte Luise Art Hotel

Close to Brandenburger Tor, Reichstag, Friedrichstraße and numerous other sights, the Arte Luise Art Hotel has become a sight of its own.

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