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Hurricane Factory

Hurricane Factory

Located close to the outskirts in Berlin the Hurricane Factory is one of the world’s biggest wind tunnels for body flyers.

If you have always wanted to fly but didn’t want to jump out of a plane right away, the Hurricane Factory experience might just be the right thing for you. In the wind tunnel you will experience, whether you are a newbie or an experienced body flyer, the ultimate feeling of the free fall. The wind tunnel is a 5.20 m x 15 m large facility, in which six big fans create the airflow with up to 280 km/h. The speed of the wind makes the free flight possible.

Almost everyone can use the wind tunnel. A minimum age of 5 years and a maximum body weight of 120 kg are the only requirements for the fast and sporty experience. No matter if you have never been in a wind tunnel before, or if you already are an experienced flyer, who has skydiving experience, you will be impressed by the wind tunnel. Three minutes flight time (á 1.5 minutes) might sound a little short, but if you have been in a wind tunnel before, you will know that the time in the tunnel doesn’t seem that short. You will focus on your body and the adrenaline will rush through your veins. The tension before you enter the wind tunnel is extremely high. Once you have done you first flight you’ll probably can’t wait for the second round.

The flight experience itself also includes a briefing with flight training, the flight equipment and the accompaniment by an experienced instructor. The air cylinder in the Hurricane Factory is completely glazed and can be seen from any angle in the audience area as well as from the bistro. Whoever does not fly can therefore watch their friends and relatives and feel a fever from the tribune. Due to the huge size of the wind tunnel Hurricane Factory also offers a special package that allows two people to fly at once (only with a weight difference of max. 20 kg).

Located close to the airport Berlin-Schönefeld (SXF) and the new airport BER, the Hurricane Factory is closed to the outskirts of Berlin. Next to the public flight- and audience area you will find training rooms, video stations and changing rooms with showers for sport flyers on other floors in the house. Also Hurricane Factory offers rooms for seminars, workshops and company events with a great view of the glazed wind tunnel.


Hurricane Factory

Wassmannsdorfer Allee 3
12529 Schönefeld




Business hours

  • Mon, Wed & Thu: 11:00 am - 09:00 pm
  • Fr & Sat: 18:30 am - 10:00 pm
  • Sunday: 08:30 am - 08:30 pm

Important information

  • Price Level: 3 minutes flight time (2x 1.5 min.): Mon-Fri: 79.00 Euro; Sat&Sun: 89.00 Euro | 6 minutes flight time (4x 1.5 min.): Mon-Fri: 139.00 Euro; Sat&Sun: 169.00 Euro | 9 minutes flight time (6x 1.5 min.): Mon-Fri: 199.00 Euro; Sat&Sun: 239.00 Euro | children (up to 14 years): 3 minutes flight time (2x 1.5 min.): Mon-Fri: 59.00 Euro; Sat&Sun: 69.00 Euro


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Located close to the outskirts in Berlin the Hurricane Factory is one of the world’s biggest wind tunnels for body flyers.

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