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Gethsemane Church

Gethsemane Church

The Protestant Gethsemane Church in Prenzlauer Berg is a symbol of the peaceful revolution in the GDR.

The church was a meeting point for the opposition and members of the GDR Peace Movement, peaceful rallies were organised here. Also intercession masses, prayers for peace, discussions and concerts took place at the Gethsemane Church.

From October 2 1989 on, the church building was open 24 hours a day and there were solemn vigil under the motto "Pray and Watch". The thousands of people holding candles in front of the church to this day are one of the most powerful symbols of the peaceful revolution in the GDR.

After the fall of the Wall, a replica of the sculpture "Der Geistkämpfer" by sculptor Ernst Barlach on the south side of the church reminds of the events back then.


Gethsemane Church

Stargarder Straße 77
10437 Berlin




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