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Swimming with penguins - that is an experience you can only make at the Spreewelten bath in the Berlin environs. The Spreewelten Bad in Lübbenau has reopened after a major renovation and shines in new splendour! The family bath has been transformed into a cheerful penguin land.

"Swimming with penguins", this highlight has made the bath Spreewelten Bad in Lübbenau in the Spreewald famous. Now it shines in new splendour. The penguin world for the Humboldt penguins and the leisure pool were rebuilt and reopened after an 8-month conversion period. The penguin world integrated into the leisure pool has been significantly enlarged. In general, the penguin theme runs through the entire leisure bath. Everywhere one meets pictures of the sympathetic tailcoat carriers.

The significantly extended toddler area in the Spreewelten bath has a new recreational quality thanks to an adjoining play area. The children can look into the penguin pool through a huge glass surface. The penguin village was completely redesigned with tree caves and roots. "Swimming with penguins" is to be understood in such a way that the bath visitors, separated only by a 15.5 meters long curved Plexiglas disk, can swim in their own pool watching the animals through the glass. A bridge which connects the lawn with the guest pool, gives visitors an overview of the entire penguin enclosure. One of the highlights of the Spreewelten bath is certainly the penguin feeding in the outdoor area.

Besides the popular swimming with penguins, the new slide is one of the highlights of the recreation area after the reconstruction. With a new slide configurator, slide fans can create their own sliding experience with sounds and tones. Up to three different sliding adventures can be configured at home, and even more at your smartphone on site.

The Spreewelten bath also scores with its spacious sauna and wellness facilities. The sauna village with 14 different theme saunas was rebuilt a few years ago. From March 2019 you can also use the newly added family-friendly Spreewelten Hotel for a short holiday in the Spreewald region.



Alte Huttung 13
03222 Lübbenau




Business hours

  • Sunday to Thursday: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Friday and Saturday: 10:00 am - 11:00 pm
  • New Year's : 10:00 am - 09:00 pm
  • 24. + 25. December: closed

Important information

  • Price Level: Swimming pool: adults 2 hours 14.00 euros, children (4 - 15 years) 2 hours 10.00 euro, children younger up to 3 years: free; supplement sauna world: 10.00 euros, dayticket for adults: 21.00 Euros
  • Sauna: Booking the sauna world is only possible in combination with the bathing world. Children must be at least 7 years old to enter the sauna.
  • Parking: Car Park Available
  • Card Payment: EC


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Swimming with penguins - that is an experience you can only make at the Spreewelten bath in the Berlin environs. The Spreewelten Bad in Lübbenau has reopened after a major renovation and shines in new splendour! The family bath has been transformed into a cheerful penguin land.

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