Das Klingende Museum Berlin

A mini electric guitar, a tuba and crazy instruments from everyday objects - in "Das Klingende Museum Berlin" (Museum of Sound), children of all age groups have the most diverse possibilities to make music.


Foto: Das Klingende Museum Berlin
Foto: Das Klingende Museum Berlin
Foto: Das Klingende Museum Berlin
Foto: Das Klingende Museum Berlin
Foto: Das Klingende Museum Berlin
Foto: Das Klingende Museum Berlin

In the “Das Klingende Museum Berlin” children can be loud! For example when they find out how much air you have to blow into a tuba to make a sound come out. While making noise, you also learn quite a lot. What is the difference between a large and a small resonator? How does a horse hair sound? These are questions that children and young people can clarify in this children’s museum of sound.

The Museum in Berlin-Wedding offers music workshops for all age groups. The very small ones expect first experiences with rhythm and percussion as well as selected orchestral instruments. For larger ones, there are four instrumental groups (strings, brass, woodwind and percussions). In the beginners program, the basics are laid. Special workshops make a more intense acquaintance possible.

Particularly exciting: Even in everyday objects such as balloons, cardboard rolls and garden tubs, children create their own musical instruments in the instrument making workshop.

Together with the chamber orchestra Unter den Linden, the museum organizes the popular family concert series “Animals, Tango and Trumpets” in the chamber music hall of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. After the concerts, the small and large visitors can try their own instruments under expert guidance. The concert dates will be announced in advance on the website of the museum.

In addition to the workshops and family concerts, the Sound Museum now also offers a music garden for families with small children. If you want, you can also experience a musically inspired children’s birthday in this museum of sound.

“Das Klingende Museum Berlin” was founded by the conductor Gerd Albrecht and is funded by sponsors and donations.


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Das Klingende Museum Berlin

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