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Wilde Küche

Wilde Küche

The Wilde Küche on Spreewaldplatz in Kreuzberg is dedicated to the vegan-vegetarian concept of Love-Light-Food.

The restaurant Wilde Küche (Wild Cuisine) on Spreewaldplatz in Kreuzberg is actually much more than a snack bar. The culinary concept Love-Light-Food of the vegan / vegetarian café is already perfectly implemented in the interior. Everything is flooded with light, there is a wall of windows on two full sides of the room and the long wooden benches and wooden tables are kept in natural colors. The large windows are decorated with high candles and vases with reeds.
For a quick hunger, guest will be treated with a vegan Italian burger, sweet potato fries and a selection of sandwiches with a variety of homemade vegan pastes on the menu. Otherwise, the focus is on Slow Food here. From the appealing vegan / vegetarian menu one chooses a base such as noodle, quinoa, rice or potato mash, to a sauce and vegetables as well as smoked tofu or chicken liqueur and various toppings like nuts, herbs, sesame seeds. The food set is absolutely creative and is always handmade from the freshest ingredients. Vegetables and herbs such as dandelion, chard, mung beans, cabbage and Swiss chard are organically grown and are served seasonally. For dessert, there are delicious vegan cakes such as brownies or carrot-lavender-cake with coconut blossom sugar.

The three founders of Wilde Küche come from the arts and culture scene. Patricia Weil is an agency owner, Nelja Stump is visual artist and Inga Königstadt works in the music business. With their concept of Wilde Küche the three have realized their passion for vegan / vegetarian cuisine together.


Wilde Küche

Spreewaldplatz 5
10999 Berlin




Business hours

  • Wednesday to Friday: 06:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: noon - 10:00 pm

Important information

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