Tee Tea Thé

The Tea Thé tea salon in Schöneberg is a tea room, a tea trader and a café at the same time and thus a true paradise for tea lovers.
Foto: Tee Tea Thé

© Foto: Tee Tea Thé

Foto: Tee Tea Thé

© Foto: Tee Tea Thé

Foto: Tee Tea Thé

© Foto: Tee Tea Thé

Since the conversion of Tee Tea Thé in Berlin-Schöneberg, tea lovers will find two separate rooms. In the café area you can sit down and enjoy your tea in peace. In addition there are delicious cakes and tarts to enjoy with your tea.

Tip from the Top10 Berlin team: With Tea Tea Thé, you can also have extensive breakfast in the café area and enjoy lunch time around noon. Table reservations are possible and recommended on weekends.

The tea offer in the tea shop area of Tee Tea Thé is also huge. 260 varieties are in stock, with the focus on Ronnefeldt tea, selected green teas from Japan from Marimo, Keiko and Kyoto. It is sometimes hard to choose, because countless varieties already smell so delicious that one would like to try them all. At Christmas time there are special Christmas teas with names like “Christmas Dream” or “Christmas Hour”. Each variety is explained on the tea menu and if you like it, you can buy it in the shop right away.

If you can’t make up your mind or want to delve deeper into the subject matter, you can take part in tea seminars, but you have to register for them in advance.

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