Good Q Café and Frozen Yogurt

In a renovated old building in Tucholskystraße in Mitte, Good Q offers coffee specialities, quiches, bagels, scones and very tasty frozen yogurt with high-quality toppings.
Foto: Top10 Berlin

© Foto: Top10 Berlin

Foto: Top10 Berlin

© Foto: Top10 Berlin

The interior of the small Café Good Q on Tucholskystrasse in Berlin-Mitte is simple but trendy: a simple screed floor, bright walls, black slates and big glass windows. Offered are not only frozen yoghurt, but also coffee specialities such as espresso macchiato, double cappuchino and latte coffee. You can have quiches, bagels, scones, croissants and also very tasty cakes with your coffee.

The highlight in summer is certainly the extraordinarily creamy Frozen Yogurt, which can also be enjoyed outside at simple wooden tables in front of the café, which is located in a renovated old building. Depending on your appetite you can choose from small to large different frozen yogurt sizes, whereby large is quite a portion. There are twelve different toppings for Frozen Yogurt, including fine sauces such as raspberry, caramel or strawberry. Fresh fruit such as large blueberries, cut strawberries and whole, very beautiful raspberries are also available as toppings. Granola and crunchy toppings are also available on top of your frozen yogurt.

For children there are also soft drinks and lemonade available. If you would like to eat Frozen Yogurt as a dessert, you can also stop by during your lunch break and enjoy a ciabatta, quiche or soup and the Frozen Yogurt afterwards.

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Yogurt - Geschmack

Topping - Vielfalt


Trend - Faktor



Good Q Café and Frozen Yogurt

Tucholskystraße 43, 10117 Berlin