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Bäckerei und Konditorei Pawlik

Even in more difficult times for bakeries, Lindner has always maintained the standards of their products. Their shop on Wittenbergplatz is a great place to enjoy their creations sitting in the sun.


Foto: Lindner

When it comes to baked goods, Lindner will not move away from quality and tradition. This delikatessen store has been baking the dough for its LINDNER Krustenbrot (“Crust Bread”) for 50 years in a very special way to preserve aroma and freshness of the bread.

For connoisseurs: Lindner’s Krustenbrot is made with a flour mixture of 80% rye flour and 20% wheat flour with natural type III sourdough, that has been fermenting for 24 hours. The bread gets baked twice in a brick oven to get the closed, strong crust covering the entire outside of the bread conserving its aromas.

Next to other rye brown breads (rye and wheat and also rye and spelt), Butter Lindner has high-class organic breads, wholegrain breads and wheat breads in their assortment. In addition to many special breads and bread rolls, Butter Lindner’s strong suit are cake and pastry creations, like for example their Bauerntorte (Farmers’ Tarte) – a cake mainstay for decades. In any way, don’t fail to sample their macarons – something small and sweet to get you through the day with a smile.



Bäckerei und Konditorei Pawlik

Wittenbergplatz 5-6, 10789 Berlin




Business Hours

Monday to Saturday

08:30 am - 08:00 pm

Important information

Price Level

LINDNER Krustenbrot (with specially preserved aroma) 1.000 g for 3,50 euro, LINDNER organic breads (wholegrain, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds or various other seeds) 1.000 g for 4,40 euro, LINDNER bread rolls (baked in a brick oven, dough cured for 48 hours, all formed by hand) 0,85 euro/piece