Alpenstück Bakery and Café

The Alpenstück ("Piece of the Alps") in Berlin-Mitte combines the qualities of a bakery and a café. Trained bakers practise their craft here in their own bakehouse.


Foto: Alpenstück
Foto: Alpenstück
Foto: Alpenstück
Foto: Alpenstück

The Alpenstück’s creations root in the baking traditions of Germany, Bavaria, Austria and Swabia. Every early morning the bakers take to their craft using traditional methods, without any flavour enhancers or preserving agents.

Southern German bakery mainstays like Seelen, Mutscheln, bread made of sourdough, lye rolls and pretzels are made daily fresh by hand. Add to that their awesome breads like the carrot-walnut bread, wholegrain bread make with coarse flour and their baguette. The house’s special is the “Alpenstück Bread”, baked after a secret recipe. And of course the sweet part cannot miss like raisin bread, Danish pastry, cakes and tartes. EAfter the Berlin Wall came down, many established bakeries in Berlin had to fight for survival. Many didn’t make it and you got the feeling that bread and bread rolls in Berlin came exclusively from large bakery chains. Fortunately, the tide has turned. Those bakeries which held out are enjoying more and more business. due to a new generation of customers looking for good bread, healthy bread rolls and individual cake creations who don’t shy away from a slightly higher price for outstanding quality. Everything here is completely hand-made, no ready-mixed flours, pre-made doughs or other additves are used as ingredients.

You will get hungry as soon as you enter the bakery, the smell is just overwhelming. Another bonus: you can give in to your cravings right then and there when ordering their baked delights in the adjoined café during a lengthy breakfast or with a small lunch like Swabian Maultaschen or Käsespätzle with Allgäu mountain cheese.

If you are in general fond of Southern Germany and its cuisine, you should also try the Alpenstück restaurant with its specialty, the Wiener Schnitzel.


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Alpenstück Bakery and Café

Schröderstraße 1, 10115 Berlin




Business Hours

Monday to Friday

07:00 am - 07:00 om

Saturday and Sunday

08:00 am - 06:00 pm

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Card Payment

EC, Visa

Price Level

A simple bread roll ("Landbrötchen") costs 0,45 euro, a baguette 1,60 euro


Berlin-Mitte generally does not offer a lot of parking spaces but you might get lucky.