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Wilde Matilde

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Foto: Wilde Matilde

An old chain carousel is stage and bar at the same time, artists swing on the ceiling and in between there is burleque, can can, travesty and really good food. More food with dinner show is hardly possible!

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Bäckerei und Konditorei Lars Siebert

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Foto: dpa

The bakery and pastry shop of Lars Siebert is Berlin's oldest bakery and to this day remains a family-run business.

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Foto: Eisenbergs

Eisenbergs is a small café in Berlin-Mitte and serves French specialties.

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Foto: Top10 Berlin

This small francophile café with its red and white marquée, white chairs and a baking atelier offer a giant variety of French tartes and creamy cakes.

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Salon Sucré

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Foto: Salon Sucré

Upon entering this Pâtisserie at Berlin Kreuzberg, you feel instantly taken to France.

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Bäckerei & Konditorei Hacker

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Sheet cakes like mom used to bake, cookies shaped like the TV Tower and the Berlin special Splitterbrötchen sell like hot cakes at the small bakery Bäckerei Hacker in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg.

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