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MANKii Vintage

MANKii Vintage

Mankii Vintage looks like a chic boutique and offers vintage and second hand fashion with a focus on the 80s.

Outside rather inconspicious, MANKii Vintage in Berlin-Mitten looks from the inside like a chic boutique. Glass showcases with unusual jewellery stand in front of black walls. The clothes hang neatly on poles, sorted by colour.

The range is a mix of vintage and second-hand fashion, with a larger proportion of vintage. Designer clothes from Burberry, Louis Féraud or Yves Saint Laurent in a very good condition are significantly cheaper here than available at a new price. Besides that the shop offers beautiful dresses, blouses and tops, which do not necessarily have a big name, but are hardly worn and in good condition.

MANKii Vintage is best known for its vintage jewellery, most of which is original from the 80s or reflects the feeling of the time. They are mostly large-format earclips or eye-catching earrings with colorful stones. Some chains come are handcrafted. In addition, high-quality designer jewellery and accessories from big brands such as Chanel, Givenchy, Moschino or Lanvin are elegantly presented in a large glass showcase.

Many customers come to MANKii Vintage for the Levis jeans, because Levis from the 80s are always available here, mostly in sizes from 25 to 32.

It smells good in this shop. All garments sold in the store are washed or cleaned and - if necessary - even refurbished. Fringed jeans shorts are decorated with lace and thus newly created. Burberry vintage fabric is re-stitched with hairbands or chic little flies.

MANKii Vintage thus stands for original vintage fashion & accessories of the 30s - 90s, handmade unique pieces and reworked vintage in Berlin.


MANKii Vintage

Gormannstraße 16
10119 Berlin




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  • Public Transport: U2 Rosenthaler Platz


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