Fräulein Anders

Costumes with small jackets from the 40s, dresses with wide swinging skirts with narrow waists from the 50s and sequins trimmed sleeveless sheath dresses from the sixties, at Fräulein Anders vintage boutique fans can really draw on the fullness.


Foto: Top10 Berlin
Foto: Top10 Berlin
Fräulein Anders
Foto: Top10 Berlin
Foto: Top10 Berlin
Foto: Top10 Berlin
Foto: Top10 Berlin

The store for vintage fashion Fräulein Anders (“Miss Other”) is located in Nollendorfstraße in Schöneberg. Insiders and fans for original Vintage have known the shop for years, because Fräulein Anders specializes in vintage fashion from the 40s, 50s and 60s. Customers can really draw on the fullness of this. On the poles in the playfully decorated shop hang original and true vintage parts, girlish dresses in the trendy Vichy check with mini-collar, serious office clothes as if from a 40s film, like a small full costume with matching integrated jackets or elaborate sequins embroidered tops and elegant sleeveless shift dresses from the sixties.

At Fräulein Anders you get “treasures from the wardrobes of others”, which were selected with a lot of love. Besides the vintage parts, Fräulein Anders also offers well-preserved second hand parts that have something special and match the style of the shop. In addition one finds here elegant little hats with matching gloves, handbags in all sizes, colours and variants and many shoes. Some of the shoes come with breakneck heels, so that the swinging skirts and narrow waists of the dresses are brought out well. Vintage jewellery is also attractively presented in glass showcases.

Miss Anders was founded by the Berlin actress Lilly Anders, who still chooses the clothes herself. Meanwhile she has made a name for clothes from the fifties, to her come not only customers from Berlin, but from all over Germany and worldwide, who are especially interested in fashion of this time. The be-all and end-all in a business like this is the intensive consultation of customers, according to Anders. Anders does not attach any special importance to brands or fashion labels. At that time there were other brands than today or clothes came from the tailor or were sewn by themselves.

The chic dresses with that certain something at Fräulein Anders all have a previous owner and are in a top condition. Vintage evening wear is also part of the range.


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Fräulein Anders

Nollendorfstraße 28, 10777 Berlin




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Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

11:00 am - 07:00 pm


11:00 am - 04:00 pm

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Vintage Fashion, Second Hand Fashion, original clothes from the 40s, 50s and 60s, vintage evening dresses

Price Level

Blouses from 29,00 euros, Dresses: between 30,00 and 300,00 euros