Lunettes Selection

The eyewear shop Lunettes Selection in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg has made its name with a large selection of fancy vintage glasses and sunglasses.


Foto: Lunettes Selection
Foto: Lunettes Selection
Foto: Lunettes Selection
Foto: Lunettes Selection
Foto: Lunettes Selection

The stylish eyewear store Lunettes Selection in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg offers a wide variety of vintage glasses and sunglasses.

It is not necessary to be a spectacle wearer to find something at Lunettes Selection – glasses can be seen as a fashion accessory here. Glasses with or without a frame, round or square, big or small – Lunettes Selection has a large choice of eyewear in all kind of shapes and forms as long as they are vintage and unique. The glasses are all unworn. Especially because they are selling unusual and eccentric eyewear models, it is a great place to get inspired and surprised by their offers. There is also a new Lunettes collection, of course in vintage or retro style. Whoever is searching and finding a pair of glasses at Lunettes Selection will definitely be making a statement.

Already by entering the not too big but stylish store, you are invited by its slightly different presentation to rummage and fall in love with the vintage style. The glasses are stowed in drawers of pharmacist’s cupboards and are waiting to be tried and discovered. It is possible to equip the frames with normal spectacle lenses as well as sunglass lenses in different color shades, for example in orange, rose, blue or brown. Individual vision can be measured at the main store of Lunettes Selection in Berlin-Mitte only.

Lunettes Selection is a store to fall in love with, especially for people wearing and admiring both, glasses as well as sunglasses or for people who can’t find the right pair of glasses in other shops.


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Lunettes Selection

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Prenzlauer Berg