Ken Panda

The coolest ecologically produced hoodies are from the Berlin label Ken Panda! The cotton sweaters are produced by a screen-printing process and are used to create self-designed prints.
Foto: Ken Panda

© Foto: Ken Panda

At Ken Panda in Berlin-Friedrichshain the highlight is the inner fabric of the sweaters, which is embellished with elaborate embroidery or elegant materials such as velvet.

If you want, the Ken Panda Atelier can even tailor clothes to your exact needs. In addition to hoodies for adults and children there are also women dresses with hoody and puff sleeves, as well as T-shirts.

The fancy and hip patterns on the clothes of Ken Panda are unique and special. Many of the clothes are sewn together in a studio in Stralau and all fabrics are from organic cotton, which comes from Turkey.

The founder, Kenan Polat, turned his hobby into a career and founded a start-up company with Ken Panda. The name Ken Panda is quite simple: Ken from the founder’ name Kenan and the Panda, because it is his favorite animal.

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