Camel riding at Kamelhof Nassenheide

A ride on a camel isn’t only fun, but also relaxing – you can enjoy a real camel ride at camel farm Kamelhof Nassenheide.


Foto: Kamelhof Nassenheide | Sabine Rübenzahl
Foto: Kamelhof Nassenheide | Heidicke
Foto: Kamelhof Nassenheide | Heidicke

To ride a camel is definitely an extraordinary thing to do in your life – now you can enjoy this fun activity close to Berlin. The camel farm Kamelhof Nassenheide guarantees a unique experience with this exotic animal in Brandenburg’s lovely nature. You don’t necessarily have to book holidays in the desert to see camels at close range – here you can pet, smell and of course ride camels.

The Kamelhof Nassenheide offers various opportunities to get to know the camels better, for example the program for kids consists of cuddling, brushing and some lessons about the animals. Also, they can get a short ride afterwards, but other programs offer country rides of 90 minutes.

A ride on a camel isn’t just incredible fun, but also a very relaxing thing to do. The moderate trot along meadows and feels helps you to forget about the stress of the daily life and gets you in a relaxed holiday mood.

It is important to book an appointment before visiting the camel farm. If you want to visit spontaneously, you should to this between April and October on Sundays or Bank Holidays, as well as Berlin’s school holidays between 12:30 am and 14:40 am.


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Camel riding at Kamelhof Nassenheide

Am Dorfanger 12, 16775 Löwenberger Land OT Nassenheide




Business Hours

Visits without appointment

April - October

Sunday, Bank Holiday

12:30 am - 14:30 am

Important information

Price Level

Entry: 2.00 Euro | Ride ~90 min: 55.00 Euro per person | Riding, hiking ~90 min: 39.00 Euro per person (from 4 people on) | Experience with a camel ~60 min: 15:00 Euro per person | Hiking with a camel ~180 min: 12.00 Euro per person

For schools and kindergarden

"You & You" up to 25 people: 4.00 Euro per child (min. 60.00 Euro) | One hour with a camel up to 8 years old - 25 people: 6.00 Euro per child (min. 80.00 Euro) | One hour with a camel up to 13 years old - 20 people: 9.00 Euro per child (min 80.00 Euro) | One hour with a camel up to 14 years old - 12 people: 12.00 Euro per teenager (min. 80.00 Euro) | Hiking with camels up to 30 people: 8.00 Euro per child (min. 160.00 Euro)