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Gutes Wedding - Schlechtes Wedding

Gutes Wedding - Schlechtes Wedding

Gutes Wedding – Schlechtes Wedding at primetime theater in Berlin Wedding is the world's only theater sitcom. Strained laughter muscles are guaranteed.

Wedding is more than just a place. That is the philosophy of the small theater in Wedding. The constant figures of the play, especially Oliver Tautorat as Kalle, are welcomed with thunderous applause by their diehard-fans when appearing on stage. Kalle even likes welcoming late coming audience with a handshake at the entrance. The small theater developed rapidly. In 2003 the theater opened up with 35 folding chairs. In the meantime the venue has 230 seats and already celebrated the 100th episode of Gutes Wedding – Schlechtes Wedding (which translates as “Good Wedding – Bad Wedding”).

It will be interesting what the upcoming subsequences of the sitcom have to offer. Best is to have a look yourself at the small prime time theater in the neighborhood of lively Müllerstraße.

The ironic play with clichés of Gutes Wedding – Schlechtes Wedding will definitely put you back into a great mood - even after a really bad day.

Note: You should definitely bring some German skills when visiting the play as all episodes are in German.


Gutes Wedding - Schlechtes Wedding

Müllerstraße 163
13353 Berlin




Business hours

  • Dates: depenting on the time table
  • mostly Thursdays to Sundays: show: 08:15 pm, entry: 07:00 pm
  • Pre-selling:
  • Wed - Mon: 04:00 pm - 07:00 pm

Important information

  • Tickets: Sunday - Thursday: 15.00 Euro, discount ticket: 9.50/8.00 Euro; Friday & Saturday: 17.00 Euro, discount ticket: 11.00/8.00 Euro; box office before each show (+ 1.00 Euro)
  • Card Payment: Cash card, Visa, Master


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Gutes Wedding – Schlechtes Wedding at primetime theater in Berlin Wedding is the world's only theater sitcom. Strained laughter muscles are guaranteed.

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