Crime Story Dinner of Paternoster

Fall is crime time. Just in time for those longer nights, the improvisation theatre Paternoster starts its popular crime story dinner series, this time in the Ellington Hotel in Berlin-Charlottenburg.
Foto: Paternoster Berlin | Rainer Freese

© Foto: Paternoster Berlin | Rainer Freese

Foto: Paternoster Berlin | Rainer Freese

© Foto: Paternoster Berlin | Rainer Freese

The improvisation theatre Paternoster invites you this fall to a crime story dinner play at the Ellington Hotel in Berlin-Charlottenburg. To the suspense around the death of a large boss a fulminant 4-course menu is served, around which an action packed story develops. The paternoster ensemble develops a story that is unique. Not only the actors but also the dinner guests join the criminal theatre play and thus become part of the story themselves.

The Paternoster theatre company is known in Berlin as a group of professional actors and musicians who live and die for improvisation theatre. Close to the audience, they incorporate wishes and comments from the audience into their play and guarantee great entertainment and a nerve-wrecking crime story.

The crime entertainment is completed with an exciting culinary program. In the Ellington Hotel, a fine 4-course menu will be served. The menu starts with an excellent carpaccio, as a main dish lemon chicken with pecorino ravioli is served and finally you will have an iced latte macciato with almond foam and chocolate biscotti.

A vegetarian or vegan alternative is also offered. The 4-course menus include red and white wine, prosecco, beer and soft drinks as well as coffee and tea. An alternative location for Paternoster’s crime dinner this season is the Villa Blumenfisch at Lake Wannsee. There the piece “Mord und Meuterei” (murder and mutiny) is given.

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Crime Story Dinner


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The Crime story dinner: 99,00 euro


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